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REally good and free program to record and edit music


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Sometimes we need a basic and easy-to-use music editor, we want to scape from those advanced programs which are really difficult to use for novice users because you only need to do some basic edition and that's what you can find when running Music Editor Free, but you'll also find advanced options and features in a basic and easy-to-use way.

Music Editor Free features a very intuitive interface where you'll be able to perform basic and advanced modifications in a snap.

No matter if you are a totally novice user, because you only have to choose the part of the song you want to edit and then choose if ou'll cut, copy or paste a part there. Do you want to apply some effects? Don't worry, it works in the same way, select a part of the song and the effect: amplify, normalize, equalizer, envelope, reverb, echo, reverse, sample rate conversion,...

Finally, when finished, you won't need a third party program to burn your creation, because you can burn it thank to the built-in burning application.

If you need to record, edit or burn music or sounds, Music Editor Free can be a good choice.